Drunk Fuck – 2

Sex While Drunk

I was almost fucking a drunk woman.

My mounting passion didn’t allow me to contemplate the answer as I greedily devoured her other nipple and ran my tongue around its hardening length.

With a sudden decisiveness I removed the shorts that were restraining me and returned to Melanie’s tits. The free breeze on my nether regions led me to new levels of stiffness. Now my unimpeded cock threatened to bore a hole in the side of her cheek. Oh, so close to her mouth… The temptation was too much to resist. Taking my hardness in my hand, I changed my position and tilted Melanie’s head to the side. Her lips were now a breath away from the tip of my penis and I brought them closer together.

Brushing her lips with my cock, I wondered how this was going to work, but as in a dream, her lips parted. Seeing my goal, I gently eased myself inside her mouth. The blazing sun on my back was hot, but it was no match for the heat of Melanie’s mouth. Not wanting to cause her to gag, I just left my cock there, unmoving, and enjoyed the feeling of my head swelling almost to bursting point.

Satisfying though this was, I thought I would explore Melanie to the full while she was still unconscious.

I gently withdrew myself and, casting a cautious glance around and finding the beach still deserted, I made for the direction of Melanie’s legs.

Her legs were stretched out but I was able to dig her feet in the sand nearer her bum, so that when gravity played its part her knees splayed wide. The perfect position for cunnilingus. And missionary sex. Kneeling down in front of her crotch I pulled aside the white material of her cozzy to reveal two brown lips, shorn of any hair. I moved my head closer, all the while taking care not to dip my erection in the sand, and stretched those lips apart. Moist pinkness was revealed, which I had to taste.

It wasn’t only Melanie’s tits that were big. She was blessed with a surprisingly large clitoris, the size of which startled me once I’d taken it into my mouth. I ran my tongue around while I sucked it gently, marvelling at its size and shape.

Fingers probed while tongue intruded, and Melanie became wetter and wetter. Although I could easily have stayed down there for another half hour, I had other urges I needed to satisfy.

I drew back and looked up at Melanie’s serene and sleeping face. She was still dead to the world. Moving up so that my face was above hers, I kissed her lightly on her lips. I was poised between her splayed legs now, with an engorged member pointing straight at her freshly moistened sex. I inched myself closer and could feel my glans resting against her moistness.

We were cheek to cheek as I reached down and guided myself in. That heat again. This woman was a furnace!

Easing myself slowly in, I savoured every luscious millimetre. With every millimetre more I entered, her vagina seemed to grip and hold me there. Retreat was not an option; the only way was forward.

When I was fully inside her, I looked down at Melanie’s untroubled face and doubted my ability to remain gentle. I withdrew… just a little … and moved my loins slowly forward again. Her body moved a little with the thrust and she murmured softly. I withdrew again, a little further this time and thrust, this time a little more forcefully.

It felt like my cock was in its own tight little wet glove. And it was an exquisite pleasure. In her drunken sleep, Melanie’s pussy was gripping my shaft with an intensity that shocked me.

Fucking A Drunk Girl

I thrust again, this time throwing caution to the wind. Once more I withdrew and thrust, and this time I meant it. Now I was fucking Melanie!

Just a few more thrusts and I was fucking her like an animal. Her body was being pushed further forward in the sand with every pounding thrust, and I could see those poor fettered breasts longing to be released. They moved as one beneath her tight, stretchy costume.

Putting all my weight on one hand I pulled down her top with the other to uncover two huge black boobs, lolling around on her ribcage. A few more frantic thrusts and my eyes feasted on the sight of her breasts jiggling and rolling around sexily.

I was torn; I tried to suck her tits while I was fucking her, but found I could do either one or the other but not both. Fuck! I contented myself with fucking the living daylights out of her while watching her breast roll about.

Melanie’s head fell to one side and she let out a long soft moan but didn’t awaken. Pounding away now, I watched her boobs swaying with the force and started to feel a climax building within me. When her muscles tightened around me, the feeling built even more.

Not wanting to leave any guilty traces of my actions, I had to make a decision quickly. I spent a few more seconds inside her beautiful hot vagina before hurriedly withdrawing, and then I staggered to the water’s edge, drunk with lust. There I jerked myself off wildly, with my back arched as spasms hit me powerfully and I climaxed. My cock spat hot gobbets of sperm into the water, yards away.

Drunk Fuck

I don’t usually like going on holiday with a group of people, but this summer I found myself on the Greek island of Kefalonia with a selection of people from a salsa group I knew. I dance salsa and see them quite often at La Tasca, so I’m on speaking (and dancing) terms with them, at least.

We were about halfway into our two week long visit when we all split up to do different activities. I’d been getting along famously with a girl from the Bahamas called Melanie, so there we were shortly after lunch, rowing around the coast looking for hidden coves and beaches.

Actually, I was doing the rowing and Melanie was doing the drinking. Red wine from the bottle, and lots of it, to be exact. Because I was the nominated driver/rower, and because I have an obsession when it comes to caution, no booze passed my lips. I was going to save that until we got back to dry land safe and sound.

Drunk Woman

This meant that when we found a deserted beach, Melanie staggered out of the little row boat and collapsed on the sand. She giggled and slurred the words, “I’d better lie down, then”. I left her to her own devices and went to find somewhere suitable to tie the boat to. Melanie was the obvious choice as it didn’t look like she’d be going anywhere for a while. Instead, I dragged the boat down the beach and found a tree whose branches leant over the water. After mooring the boat I returned to find Melanie sound asleep on the sand.

During our little rowing trip, the sun had gradually become very hot so Melanie had removed her loose summer dress to reveal a white swimming costume. “Gotta top up the tan”, she joked, referring to her already dark Bahamian skin. The task of rowing was sufficient to distract me from staring at her large brown breasts, barely contained by her swimming costume. By this time Melanie had become quite animated by the booze, and accompanied her jocular banter with wild hand movements that joggled her boobs playfully. Although I managed not to stare, I did chance a few furtive glances while she was necking the wine. Those glances were enough to stir my blood and give me an almost endless vigour as I rowed.

So there was Melanie, unconscious on the sand, wearing nothing but a swimming cozzie and looking sexy as hell.

She was lying crookedly, half on her back, half on her side on the sand, so I thought I’d straighten her up. To make her more comfortable. I stooped to hook my hands under her armpits and unwittingly gave myself an eyeful of those monumental boobs. I dragged her a little way on her back and her body looked much straighter. And more comfortable.

Not a murmur from Melanie.

The contact with her skin, and the weight of her against stirred my blood even more and I felt my blood pounding with her closeness. I inspected my conscience for a micro second before I concluded that it would be ok to kneel down at her head to see with a better angle down her cleavage.

Big Black Boobs

It was a better angle alright. Looking along past her smooth cheek and over her delicate clavicle I could see those two mounds of flesh pushed together by the tightness of her costume. With the blood rushing in my ears I massaged my crotch as I oggled those fleshy orbs.

I couldn’t help myself. I suppose I thought I wouldn’t get caught, and that made it alright. Melanie was still in a drunk fuelled torpor. I reached forward and slid my hand under the fabric of her costume. Squeezing her huge left breast, I recalled someone remarking that any more than a handful was a waste. “Bollocks”, I snorted in lust!

My hand abandoned her left breast and crept to her right, to squeeze it and seek out its nipple with my forefinger. Melanie slept on, oblivious of the drooling fool who was manhandling her.

There are certain things one has to do, when one has an ample bosom at their disposal. One of them is to grip them and mash them together. Being the hot blooded breast man that I am, I performed this task with an enthusiasm that bordered on mania. Melanie’s swimming costume must have looked like it contained a bunch of playful puppies.

I gracelessly pulled her big black boobs out the top of her costume to see them properly as I kneaded them. There had been a growing excitement in my shorts for a while, and now as I bent to kiss her tits, my erection poked Melanie’s head. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I sucked it for all I was worth, while I felt my now rock hard cock nudge her cheek.

“Fucking hell”, I thought, “Is this even legal?”

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Poppers Blowjob 2

I was laying on my back, on the floor, and Sandra was squeezing my cock through the denim of my jeans as she kissed me. I was begging her in my mind to undo my jeans and take me out.

Although unusual for me to be in such a submissive position, I loved the fact that Sandra was above me like this and taking control of me. It wasn’t just that I didn’t need to agonise over what I should do next, and whether I would be rejected. It was really sexy giving myself up to her desires, and letting her direct the proceedings.

My every thought was now focused on what her hand was doing. When it stopped squeezing me, I willed it to start pulling my zipper down. After it had pulled my zipper down, I willed it to fish my cock out of my pants. Once my cock was out in the open, and savouring the feeling of air on skin, I willed her to start wanking me slowly. When she did, I started to suspect that I could actually control her with my mind. Continue reading Poppers Blowjob 2

Poppers Blowjob 1

Sandra was an Australian girl who worked behind a cosmetics counter in a large department store. She was quite tall, had shoulder length black hair and she was fun loving and carefree. All this I had discovered during the course of the salsa lesson.

The salsa class came to an end, and I suggested we go for a drink. Tonight was the first time I’d seen her at the class, but she already knew the moves so I guessed she’d learnt salsa elsewhere. Dancing with her, I’d found that she was a real laugh.

As people spilled out of the place and went their separate ways, we went into the bar next door. It was mid week, and I had work the next day, but I never let things like that stop me from having a good time. Besides, this was An Opportunity. For what, I could only hope. Continue reading Poppers Blowjob 1

Sofa Session 2

Although I hardly knew Mel, she had suggested that we watch a porn movie.

Things had progressed nicely, and I was lying naked on the sofa next to Mel, while the porn movie played on the TV. She was naked too, apart from her knickers, and she had her legs apart while my hand cupped her mound. Through her knickers I could feel the vague contour of vaginal lips beneath pubic hair, and I rubbed my fingers gently up and down.

She started moving against my hand and I traced my middle finger around the edge of her knickers, as if I was marking out a triangle. Drawing my finger up one side of her groin, I crossed below her navel, and then slid down the other side of her groin. As I made my way along the perimeter of that triangular piece of cloth, she kept moving her hips to try and intercept my hand with her vagina. She wanted me inside her knickers, so I slipped my fingers under the side and found her hairy lips, now moist. I played around at her entrance, making her hope that I was going in, and then bit her neck, kissed her ear – but didn’t go in. Making circular movements with my first and second fingers around her wet hole, she pushed against my hand, trying to coax my fingers inside. Ignoring her wishes, I ran a finger lightly up her crack, staying outside, and then ran it down again. Continue reading Sofa Session 2

Sofa Session 1

Mel was a computer programmer I’d met on a course. I didn’t know her very well as I’d only seen her every Tuesday evening for the last seven weeks on the course, but she had agreed to come around for a coffee.

To tell the truth, I thought she was a bit weird. Her abruptness was shocking sometimes, and she always got to the point quickly. But, like I say, I didn’t know her too well, and despite her brashness I thought she might be interesting, maybe even fun. She was much younger than me and she used a lot of street slang I’d not heard of before. For all her street slang, she had few social skills.

On the physical side, she had brown hair that was short enough to give her a boyish look, a pale complexion and wide sensuous lips. To be as abrupt as Mel liked to be, she also had wide hips, and a big bum. There, I said it. Continue reading Sofa Session 1

Two Dreamy Girls 2

My girlfriend, Lyndsey, had just seduced Sarah on the bed. Lyndsey now lay back on the bed as Sarah moved down to her feet. She kissed her bare legs from ankles up to her knees, leaving a glistening trail on Lyndsey’s skin. When she got to her knees, she unfastened her skirt, pulled it down and tossed it onto the floor. Unimpeded, she ran her tongue up the inside of Lyndsey’s thigh. Lyndsey had her neck craned so that she could see what Sarah was doing. I had a pretty good view myself, kneeling on the bed as I was.

Hands sliding underneath Lyndsey’s buttocks, Sarah cupped them as she dabbed her tongue on the front of her knickers. She had to remove one hand to pull the knickers to one side, and once she had, her tongue darted out and slithered slowly up from the bottom of Lyndsey’s crack to the top. The knickers were obviously in the way so she pulled them down and off, and resumed. Continue reading Two Dreamy Girls 2

Two Dreamy Girls 1

Lyndsey and I had taken a couple of ecstasy pills each and gone to a dance club in Manchester. We had had a great time and had even made friends with another couple who were obviously on something themselves. I’m not normally the type to be so outgoing as to make friends with strangers and invite myself back to theirs for a drink, but Lyndsey is, and that’s what she did. Her flirtatiousness usually makes me jealous of the attention it provokes, but after a pill I was chilled out.

The four of us had taken a taxi back to our new friends’ house and we had had a relaxed and comfortable ride. They were called Sarah and Keith, and they had a very nice looking house. He worked down in London during the week and returned at weekends. His job had something to do with finance. I wondered about the nature of their relationship with him being away from home so much, and the ease with which they agreed to an after party nightcap.

Sarah was petite, like Lyndsey, but whereas Lyndsey had long blonde hair in tight ringlets, Sara had brown shoulder length hair. In my loved up state, all I really noticed were the physical aspects of Sarah. She was young and slim, and although she had an ample bust, she was no match for my Lyndsey on the buxom scale. I stopped staring at Sarah’s tits when Lyndsey repeated her question. Continue reading Two Dreamy Girls 1

Sexy Housewarming 2

Lynne had just used me as a human dildo.

Completely naked, she got up and went over to a wooden contraption in the corner, breasts jiggling as she went. When she had unfolded it, it transformed into a futon. I should have offered to help, but I was too busy enjoying the indescribably erotic scene playing out before my eyes. As she bent down to fiddle with the sofa bed, her heavy boobs hung down and swayed this way and that, competing for my attention with her the sight of her curvy bum.

While she wasn’t looking, I rubbed the stiffness in my trousers, and it felt divine. She looked across at me and I quickly pretended to scratch the top of my leg, guiltily. She gave me a coy smile and beckoned me to come over. Continue reading Sexy Housewarming 2

Sexy Housewarming

Summer came, and with it a new tenant next door. Lynne moved in to the house next to where I was renting, so I wasted no time in introducing myself. I invited her out for a drink to help her settle in, even though it was only midweek. She said yes, so we strolled to a local pub that was within walking distance.

Lynne was a good looking woman, of Caribbean descent, average height, with a pretty heart shaped face and she wore her hair up. This evening, she was wearing a pair of faded jeans that were tight over her thighs, and that flaired out a little at her ankles. A thin, flower patterned blouse covered an impressive bust that stood proudly in front of her. Her slimness accentuated the prominence of her large bosom. It was one of the first things I noticed about her. That, and her charm. She was intelligent, saw humour everywhere, and her laughter reminded me of diamonds tinkling into a porcelain dish.

As we walked to the pub, I noticed Lynne’s graceful movement as she walked. She was almost feline. Her easy manner made me feel comfortable. Continue reading Sexy Housewarming