Poppers Blowjob 1

Sandra was an Australian girl who worked behind a cosmetics counter in a large department store. She was quite tall, had shoulder length black hair and she was fun loving and carefree. All this I had discovered during the course of the salsa lesson.

The salsa class came to an end, and I suggested we go for a drink. Tonight was the first time I’d seen her at the class, but she already knew the moves so I guessed she’d learnt salsa elsewhere. Dancing with her, I’d found that she was a real laugh.

As people spilled out of the place and went their separate ways, we went into the bar next door. It was mid week, and I had work the next day, but I never let things like that stop me from having a good time. Besides, this was An Opportunity. For what, I could only hope. Continue reading Poppers Blowjob 1