Poppers Blowjob 2

I was laying on my back, on the floor, and Sandra was squeezing my cock through the denim of my jeans as she kissed me. I was begging her in my mind to undo my jeans and take me out.

Although unusual for me to be in such a submissive position, I loved the fact that Sandra was above me like this and taking control of me. It wasn’t just that I didn’t need to agonise over what I should do next, and whether I would be rejected. It was really sexy giving myself up to her desires, and letting her direct the proceedings.

My every thought was now focused on what her hand was doing. When it stopped squeezing me, I willed it to start pulling my zipper down. After it had pulled my zipper down, I willed it to fish my cock out of my pants. Once my cock was out in the open, and savouring the feeling of air on skin, I willed her to start wanking me slowly. When she did, I started to suspect that I could actually control her with my mind. Continue reading Poppers Blowjob 2