Drunk Fuck

I don’t usually like going on holiday with a group of people, but this summer I found myself on the Greek island of Kefalonia with a selection of people from a salsa group I knew. I dance salsa and see them quite often at La Tasca, so I’m on speaking (and dancing) terms with them, at least.

We were about halfway into our two week long visit when we all split up to do different activities. I’d been getting along famously with a girl from the Bahamas called Melanie, so there we were shortly after lunch, rowing around the coast looking for hidden coves and beaches.

Actually, I was doing the rowing and Melanie was doing the drinking. Red wine from the bottle, and lots of it, to be exact. Because I was the nominated driver/rower, and because I have an obsession when it comes to caution, no booze passed my lips. I was going to save that until we got back to dry land safe and sound.

Drunk Woman

This meant that when we found a deserted beach, Melanie staggered out of the little row boat and collapsed on the sand. She giggled and slurred the words, “I’d better lie down, then”. I left her to her own devices and went to find somewhere suitable to tie the boat to. Melanie was the obvious choice as it didn’t look like she’d be going anywhere for a while. Instead, I dragged the boat down the beach and found a tree whose branches leant over the water. After mooring the boat I returned to find Melanie sound asleep on the sand.

During our little rowing trip, the sun had gradually become very hot so Melanie had removed her loose summer dress to reveal a white swimming costume. “Gotta top up the tan”, she joked, referring to her already dark Bahamian skin. The task of rowing was sufficient to distract me from staring at her large brown breasts, barely contained by her swimming costume. By this time Melanie had become quite animated by the booze, and accompanied her jocular banter with wild hand movements that joggled her boobs playfully. Although I managed not to stare, I did chance a few furtive glances while she was necking the wine. Those glances were enough to stir my blood and give me an almost endless vigour as I rowed.

So there was Melanie, unconscious on the sand, wearing nothing but a swimming cozzie and looking sexy as hell.

She was lying crookedly, half on her back, half on her side on the sand, so I thought I’d straighten her up. To make her more comfortable. I stooped to hook my hands under her armpits and unwittingly gave myself an eyeful of those monumental boobs. I dragged her a little way on her back and her body looked much straighter. And more comfortable.

Not a murmur from Melanie.

The contact with her skin, and the weight of her against stirred my blood even more and I felt my blood pounding with her closeness. I inspected my conscience for a micro second before I concluded that it would be ok to kneel down at her head to see with a better angle down her cleavage.

Big Black Boobs

It was a better angle alright. Looking along past her smooth cheek and over her delicate clavicle I could see those two mounds of flesh pushed together by the tightness of her costume. With the blood rushing in my ears I massaged my crotch as I oggled those fleshy orbs.

I couldn’t help myself. I suppose I thought I wouldn’t get caught, and that made it alright. Melanie was still in a drunk fuelled torpor. I reached forward and slid my hand under the fabric of her costume. Squeezing her huge left breast, I recalled someone remarking that any more than a handful was a waste. “Bollocks”, I snorted in lust!

My hand abandoned her left breast and crept to her right, to squeeze it and seek out its nipple with my forefinger. Melanie slept on, oblivious of the drooling fool who was manhandling her.

There are certain things one has to do, when one has an ample bosom at their disposal. One of them is to grip them and mash them together. Being the hot blooded breast man that I am, I performed this task with an enthusiasm that bordered on mania. Melanie’s swimming costume must have looked like it contained a bunch of playful puppies.

I gracelessly pulled her big black boobs out the top of her costume to see them properly as I kneaded them. There had been a growing excitement in my shorts for a while, and now as I bent to kiss her tits, my erection poked Melanie’s head. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I sucked it for all I was worth, while I felt my now rock hard cock nudge her cheek.

“Fucking hell”, I thought, “Is this even legal?”

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