Having Sex On Ecstasy – Getting Home

As I bumped, ground and grooved to the banging dance music, I was utterly preoccupied. The girl I had been kissing so passionately had disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving me hot and frustrated. I could have fucked her right there on the dancefloor, I was so turned on.

The sweeping and flashing lights swirled around me as I tried to get into the music. Twenty minutes later, I had got into the music and the girl was a pleasant memory. Such is the nature of ecstasy. I was so “up” I felt like the funkiest man on the planet. I also felt like the sexiest, and although the girl was a pleasant memory, she was also part of my intended future, and I resolved to scour the place for her, come closing time. The club shut at 4am and I thought I’d start looking for her at about 3:45am.

When next I went to the toilet I necked a blue pill and hoped it wouldn’t go to waste.

It was now 2:15am. I spent the next hour and a half dancing like a crazy man, smiling lasciviously at everyone who made eye contact with me and feeling like if I didn’t have sex soon, something would burst.

It was 3:45am. Excitement overtook me as I made my way slowly through the gyrating bodies and thought about meeting the girl I kissed earlier. The place was packed and I had to squeeze my way through the throng of dancers. By now the viagra had taken effect and I felt obscene as my erection brushed the people I passed.

There was a tightly packed group of girls crowded in front of a bar that I needed to pass. It was an impenetrable wall of women. I gently but firmly eased my way between two of the women. One of them had her back to me as I squeezed by and I recognised the side of her face. It was her!

Directly behind her, I put my hands on her waist and bent my mouth to her ear. “How you doing?” I asked. She turned her head and smiled as she recognised me. My heart fluttered. She craned her neck back to plant a big wet kiss on my cheek. I held onto her waist as I ground my stiffness into her buttocks. My trousers were now straining so hard I thought the zipper would burst – or I would injure myself. I didn’t care which.

“Pleased to see me?” she asked and pushed her bum back into me. Still facing away from me, she arched her back, leant backwards and bit my neck playfully.

As she pulled her mouth away, I felt the wet patch she left on my neck. My erection was still pressing into her buttocks and my mind alternated between these two areas of sensation. Wet lips on neck. Hard cock against bum. Sharp teeth on neck. Straining stiffness against buttocks.

I hugged her hard from behind and she pressed into me again.

The next twenty minutes were a blur caused by drug induced time distortion. Images of collecting coats, saying goodbye to friends, a taxi journey, kissing and fondling in the back, key in the door of her place, stumbling in, sitting in separate armchairs.

She had a tin in her hand and was fumbling around with the contents. Suddenly a joint appeared. One she’d made earlier, I assumed. “Mmmmm”, I murmured and we both smiled.

As she lit up, I studied her. High cheekbones, full lips with the hint of a cheeky smile at the edges, freckles, shoulder length brown hair, slim, short, impressive bust. She was sexy as hell and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be sitting there, getting stoned with her, and about to …. What were we going to do? Her eyes were smiling at me as she dragged on the joint and passed it to me. I took a tentative pull on it, not knowing how strong it was.

I don’t even know what we talked about as we passed the joint between us. I already had mdma coursing through my system, befuddling my mind, and now I was getting stoned. It was hard to follow the conversation. It didn’t seem to matter too much, because we both kept dissolving into giggles. Don’t have too much dope, I told myself.

She was called Laura.

Before I knew what I was doing, I slid off my chair and crawled on my hands and knees over to where Laura was sitting, as if I was stalking her. She sat there looking like she was about to laugh hysterically as I crawled closer. She put the joint down quickly as I reached her and I put both hands on her knees. I felt the texture of her jeans beneath my palms, and the solidity of her legs through the material. She opened her legs and drew me to her. The next part reminded me of a romantic film. I was moving my head towards hers to kiss her but it was all in slow motion. My lips neared hers, achingly slowly. She was no longer looking me in the eye, but looking at my lips, as I was looking at hers. Her lips were a little parted, glistening. Her arms were open to receive me and then our lips were touching delicately. My tongue slipped inside her mouth as she parted her lips a little more, and she sucked on it.

My hands went to the buckle of her belt as I carried on kissing her. This will be the telling point, I thought. No resistance. The belt was undone. The buttons of her jeans were next and they came undone with ease. We kissed some more, with the front of Laura’s jeans gaping open obscenely. The awkward angle meant I couldn’t get my hands inside them, but I didn’t have long to worry as she raised her bum off the chair for me to pull her jeans off.

No jeans. Bare legs. Flimsy knickers.

I stroked her thighs gently, smoothing my palms over her smooth white flesh. My hands followed a path from her knees up to where her knickers covered her mound. I played around with the edge of her knickers, tracing my fingers along the crease of her groin, pretending I was going underneath inside her knickers but never doing so. Without warning, I pressed my face into the front of her knickers, rubbing my nose and mouth against her covered vagina, feeling her contours and breathing in the scent of her. She had shaved or waxed, because she was very smooth there. I kissed her fanny all over with her knickers still in place, while Laura squirmed and pressed harder against me. There was a damp patch forming in one spot of her knickers. The more I moved and pressed, the bigger the damp patch grew.

Moving her knickers slowly to one side, I licked gently the uncovered flesh, moving ever closer to the lips that were waiting for me. Knickers pulled fully aside now, I darted my tongue around, first licking up the length of one lip, and down the length of the other, but never going inside. Laura moaned. I knew she wanted my tongue inside her, but I drew out the moment and made her wait. I drew her skin gently upwards to expose her clit before dabbing my tongue ever so lightly onto it. The taste of her sex was driving me into a frenzy. She was pretty sticky by now.

Enough titillation! I suddenly plunged my tongue as deeply as I could into her wet hole and heard her gasping as she writhed around in her chair. My heart was hammering. She was surprising small there, I discovered with pleasure. It would be a tight squeeze to get my turgid cock in there, I mused with glee.

With difficulty, I slid my hands inside her knickers and underneath her buttocks to press her to me, in an attempt to force my tongue deeper into her. To help me she raised her legs off the floor, and drew her knees up to her. I was distracted momentarily by the coolness of the skin on her buttocks, and by how small and firm her buttocks were. I went back to teasing, light dabbing motions with my tongue on her wetness again and Laura lost all patience with me. She tore her knickers off grabbed my hand and marched me upstairs into her bedroom.

Then we had sex in the bedroom.