Having Sex On Ecstasy – The Bedroom

After our foreplay, we made our way upstairs.

Once inside the bedroom I stripped quickly and joined her on the bed as she was removing her bra. I stared at her massive tits as they bounced down, unfettered. Two large, milky white globes of bouncy goodness, tipped with light brown nipples. Christ, I had to get my hands on those!

Sitting next to her I kissed her again and my hand went to one of those boobs. Cupping it, I marvelled at how firm it was. It was too big for my hand, but it was perfect. If I had to design and manufacture a breast, it would look and feel like this one. The next thing I knew, I was lifting her heavy breast and sucking greedily on her nipple, while her hand searched for my stiff cock. When her fingers closed round it, I realised how hard I had become. I bet I could batter a door down with that, I thought to myself inanely. The thought made me chuckle and that made me laugh uproariously.

Stupid drugs!

Laura wanted to know what I was laughing at, so I told her about wreaking havoc on her front door with my member. She laughed, and in the blink of an eye she had manoeuvred herself further down the bed so that she could take my knob’s head in her mouth.

She worked her mouth, her sweet gorgeous mouth, up and down my shaft. I felt her saliva trickling down the side of it. All tenderness that might have been there before was now gone as she went into an animalistic frenzy, jerking her head up and down. The wet, slopping sounds of my cock being swallowed and released with vigour made me all the stiffer. If I didn’t take action soon, I knew I would come all over the place.

I eased her up towards me and found her lips with mine. Kissing her, I rolled her onto her back. I was already between her legs, erection pointing towards her wet sex, but she pulled her legs back even more to welcome me deeply.

I rested on my elbows, kissing her tenderly, whilst trying to manoeuvre my member into position without my hands. I could feel my tip nuzzling her entrance and it felt scorching hot. That’s going to feel intense when I’m all the way in, I knew. If I just ease forwards a bit, I bet I can slide it just a little way in. Not knowing whether I could keep up such restraint, I made an effort to slide myself into her slowly, millimetre by millimetre. Her heat was shocking, and her tightness nearly drove me over the edge.

I was fearful about how long I’d be able to last, enveloped as I was in such intense pleasure, so I tried to keep things slow.

Laura’s cunt fit me like a glove. A tight, wet, hot glove that gripped and pulsated and tried to suck all the juices out of me. Honestly, it was so tight it felt like she was gripping me in her tight little fist.

When she began to move her hips, my gasps joined hers.

Raising myself up so that I could ogle her tits swaying below me when I thrust into her, I heard myself groan. I realised I was grunting with every thrust and so was she. Grabbing a tit roughly with my hand, I squeezed it as it I were squeezing milk out of the nipple and then sucked that nipple for all I was worth. Her groans were louder now as I slammed myself into her. Her legs came up higher to lock her ankles around my waist and she clutched my buttocks to pull me deeper inside her.

Laura’s tits were wobbling crazily now, while I pumped furiously inside her cunt. Fucking hell, I thought, I’m going to pass out. The sensations were too much: my hard cock squelching in and out of her wet fanny, those big boobs swaying to and fro with each and every thrust, Laura’s mouth clamped on mine, sucking, her tongue now searching urgently in my own mouth, her hands gripping my buttocks roughly, the gasps and groans that were getting louder.

When Laura started screaming, I knew that was it. If it was possible I started thrusting my cock even deeper, slamming myself into her with all my might. Tingling started in the tip of my cock. I pumped even harder. The tingling spread up the hardness of my shaft and around my groin area, seeming to tickle my balls. My hands were underneath Laura’s shoulders, gripping tightly to give me more leverage.

The tingling now increased in the head of my cock and it felt like it was swelling even more. I’m bursting, I thought. One last desperate pump and hot sperm gushed out of my penis like a hot geyser. Laura screamed and I could feel her bucking beneath me violently. Her vagina tightened around me and she arched her back as if she was possessed. With her back arched like a bow, she finally went still as the last of my spunk jetted into her, and then she fell back down on the bed.

Jesus Fucking Christ I whispered to myself.