Kissing On Ecstasy

It was dark, I had popped an ecstasy pill 90 minutes earlier and I was in a gay club. The music was banging and as I was dancing I felt sexually attracted to everything that moved, and some things that didn’t. I just didn’t care. Damn those white doves.

I was at that point in the ecstasy journey where I felt euphoria, energy and an urge to have sex with someone, anyone. I loved everyone. In particular, I loved a girl I had just spotted who was wearing a top that showed off a fabulous pair of breasts. It was a weird design; it was double breasted and one side overlapped the other between her breasts, but so low down that you could see a lot of those breasts.

I wasn’t quite gurning, but I was staring at her and smiling a lot. She didn’t notice me though. I was dancing with a group of my friends, and she was dancing with hers. Our groups were pretty much next to each other. I was invisible to her, though.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was dancing in a peculiar way that involved her bending over a lot, probably to show off her tits. If you’ve got it flaunt it. All sorts of images were flashing through my drugged up mind; of grabbing her boobs, kneading them like they were dough, of rough missionary position sex and frantic couplings. Yes, this was love.

Like I said, though, she barely noticed me. The plan that my warped mind came up with to remedy the situation was unorthodox. I needed to get her attention and I decided that snogging one of the male friends she was dancing with would be a good opening gambit. I’d been to these clubs before, I knew their libertine ways. So I sidled up to him, said some meaningless pleasantries, and before I knew it my tongue was down his throat. He responded.

Obviously, the flaw in my plan was that the girl would see me snogging this guy and assume that I was gay, like him and the other 99% of the guys in the club. This flaw was obvious to everyone but me, in my drug stupor.

As I had hoped, that did indeed get her attention. She was now looking at me so I put the guy down, gave him a quick hug and then bent my head closer to the girl to break the ice. God knows what I garbled. I was all gibberish and wide smiles. My heart leapt when I discovered that she was also gibberish and wide smiles. It turned out that she had also popped a pill earlier and was now in the throes of euphoric delight. That might explain the weird dancing, I thought.

We soon became the best of friends. I realised that this was the girl I’d been looking for all my life, and that we were soul mates and that I couldn’t be more sexually attracted to her.

The music was banging so loud that I could barely hear what she was saying to me. It didn’t seem to matter, we just smiled at each other and nodded vigorously. The lights were swirling dizzily. I felt like I might fall over and pass out at any moment, but I also felt like I might explode too. It was as though I were making my slow way to the top of a rollercoaster, stomach full of butterflies, and heart full of tension. I was a little scared.

As I was talking to her, I was conscious of how close my head was to hers and I felt my mind wandering. I was distracted by her proximity and started feeling like I needed to touch her. Our faces were mere inches apart. With tension building within my chest and my lips achingly close to her ear as I yabbered on, I felt like something was about to happen.

Suddenly a rush overcame me and I felt as though I had reached the crest of a wave and everything felt ten times as good as it did moments ago. How on earth did they time the music’s crescendo to coincide with my rush? This was ecstasy. As I rode a wave of emotion I grabbed the girl and gave her a backbreaking hug, my nose nuzzling in her sweet smelling hair. She hugged me back just as hard, thus signalling her consent and turning me on like James Brown. Obviously, that consent was also for me to grab her buttocks, which I now did with urgency. God I was horny.

With the music pumping, and her buttocks being squeezed, she looked up at me. Our faces were touching. Emotions were all over the place. It was sexy, it was funny, it was exciting; we were suddenly kissing. A long, deep, sensuous kiss, while the lights flashed around us and the bass music vibrated our bodies. It was a passionate, strong kiss. We must have looked like we were eating each other. I wanted to push my tongue as far down her throat as I could. I felt her tongue in my mouth and sucked on it greedily. I clutched her head and tried to get more of her tongue in my mouth while pushing more of mine into hers, bodies squirming against each other as the lights flashed.

Jesus, I was possessed!

I’d forgotten about her boobs, her buttocks. The only thing that existed was her hot, wet mouth and her sexy snaking tongue.

She broke away from me and looked over her shoulder. Her friends were going to another room in the club. She clutched my head, brought my ear to her lips and said she’d see me later. Then she was gone.

“See you later”, as in actually see me later? Or was it just as a polite goodbye. I couldn’t tell. It could be interpreted either way. I did want to see her later, for more of those deep kisses, and perhaps a little rampant sex. I decided I would pop a viagra pill on my next visit to the toilet and intended to keep a look out for her. It was 2am and the club shut at 4am.

I would definitely keep a look out for her.

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