Sexy Housewarming 2

Lynne had just used me as a human dildo.

Completely naked, she got up and went over to a wooden contraption in the corner, breasts jiggling as she went. When she had unfolded it, it transformed into a futon. I should have offered to help, but I was too busy enjoying the indescribably erotic scene playing out before my eyes. As she bent down to fiddle with the sofa bed, her heavy boobs hung down and swayed this way and that, competing for my attention with her the sight of her curvy bum.

While she wasn’t looking, I rubbed the stiffness in my trousers, and it felt divine. She looked across at me and I quickly pretended to scratch the top of my leg, guiltily. She gave me a coy smile and beckoned me to come over.

I lay down with her on the futon, heart thudding in my chest, and played with her boobs while kissing her gently in the afterglow of her passion. It felt odd being fully clothed next to her nakedness so I disentangled myself from her and quickly stripped. Laying down again and facing Lynne, I could feel my erection prodding her belly. Its presence was pretty hard to ignore so I just left it there and waited to see what she would do.

Her hand rested on my chest and then started stroking a path downwards. The mere direction of travel quickened my pulse and I could hear my blood rushing loudly in my ears. As her hand stroked my navel my cock jerked upwards. Her hand was inching closer and closer, and the thrill my body felt increased and intensified. My cock was begging for the touch of her fingers.

Her hand was nearing my groin, snaking slowly through my pubic hair, reaching the hardness of my shaft. Next, her fingers wrapped around me and slowly she started to wank me. I flopped onto my back and abandoned myself to her. Each stroke was ridiculously slow, but while she was doing that her lips descended on mine and she started kissing me hotly. Her dominant position above me, coupled with her hand on my cock aroused me more than I thought possible. She was in complete control, and all I had to do was take what she gave.

Those slow strokes, and her tongue intruding into my mouth were so sensuous, I could easily have come over her hands if I’d given myself up completely to the pleasure. God, this was the most sensuous wank I’d ever had! My hand went behind her head to hold her in place while I explored her mouth with my tongue.

She continued her long slow strokes, sometimes bending it this way and sometimes that way, as it strained against her. The impression that she was trying to break it off, just increased my desire.

She broke away from my embrace, never releasing my cock, and bent her head towards it. I knew what this meant, and the anticipation nearly got the better of me. Her mouth was open, my foreskin drawn back, her hot breath on my cock’s exposed and glistening head, mouth moving closer, opening lips wider, moving over my head. Once my head was completely in, she closed her mouth tightly over it and sucked it with a force I thought would drive me insane. She didn’t move her mouth, just kept it there in the same place and sucked with all her might. With her mouth clamped there she moved her hand up and down the shaft, wanking me again. I was looking intently at what she was doing, my cock in that beautiful wicked mouth of hers. She looked at me slyly with cat like eyes and started moving her mouth up and down in time with her hand. There was no gap between hand and mouth, and both worked in perfect unison. Watching her suck me off like that brought me even closer to the sticky end I was trying to delay.

Reaching over I stroked a firm buttock and made my way to her moist slit. She wiggled her bum at me as I found it and I ran a finger up and down its length, feeling its slickness.

Soon, a warm glow enveloped my cock’s head and with every stroke Lynne’s sweet wet mouth gave me the glow spread. I realised I’d better do something quick to distract myself, so I reached over and pulled Lynne’s bum closer to me, intending to lick that big clit of hers. She got the message, lifted one leg over my head and straddled me. Gripping her buttocks, I positioned her directly above and raised my head so that I could reach her labia. Gently running my tongue up and down those lips, I squeezed her buttocks. The taste of her enraptured me. It was familiar, yet so different to the scent of other women I’d know. A pungent sex scent, mixed with a potent aroma that reminded me of fresh sweat, primitive but sexy; a scent that screamed “I want to fuck!”.

Her clitoris was too big a temptation, and soon I had it my mouth as Lynne went back to sucking my cock. I’d never seen a clit that big. It was so big in my mouth, it felt like I was sucking her own little cock. I sucked, then licked, batting her clit from side to side and she moaned with my cock in her mouth. There was something wildly erotic about the sound of her moaning, with her mouth full of my cock.

Again, I realised I couldn’t take much more of this, and I gently pushed her off me. I reached over to my discarded trousers and found a condom in one of the pockets. The wrapper was off, air squeezed out the condom’s tip, and then it was on my erection. Meanwhile, Lynne had lain down and was looking at me with half closed eyes.

Now I love the missionary position, but there was something so appealing to me, in that moment, about getting her on her hands and knees and taking her from behind that I got her up and into position. I think it was the image of her on all fours, pendulous tits hanging down, with me arched over her, raining kisses on her tight, muscular back, clutching those tits, kissing her neck, releasing her breasts so that they swayed with every thrust. I couldn’t fight it.

Under my guidance, she was on her hands and knees in front of my, giving me a perfect view of her arse. The way her waist tapered in from her bum and then curved out again to accommodate her back drove me mad. The taut muscles on her back formed a beautiful ridge on either side of her backbone. Her brown skin was flawlessly smooth. Stroking her left buttock, pulling it to the side a little, I took my penis in my hand and guided it towards her. Once my tip was at the entrance, I took my hand away and gripped her narrow waist tightly with both hands. Fighting the urge to just ram it in and feel her buttocks bouncing off me, I eased the tip inside. The heat! I pushed a little more and then I was half way in. Looking down, I savoured the view of my penis half in her slick pussy and then couldn’t help but push the rest in, so that I was pushing my loins against Lynne’s buttocks. I strained and strained against her, clutching her waist, but I couldn’t get in any further.

I eased off and started giving her the same long, slow strokes she had been giving my cock earlier. We got into a rhythm, with Lynne pushing backwards to meet me when I thrust forwards. Before long the sound of bodies slapping against each other filled the room. Her bum bounced off each of my powerful thrusts and returned to meet the next. I alternated between gripping her waist to give me extra purchase when thrusting, and rubbing my hands over her sexy arse, sometimes stretching her buttocks apart a little. Every now and then she gave out a girly squeal as I thrust in.

Reaching back, Lynn took one of my hands and drew it towards a dangling breast. I cupped it from below and pushed it upwards, mashing it against her rib cage. She pushed back more violently as I massaged her boob, and I nearly lost my balance. Resting my upper body on her back, I grabbed the other breast, and used them both to pull her towards me as I thrust in again.

“Jesus!” I rasped, as I started quicken my pace, gripping her breasts as I thrust in and out.

It wasn’t very gallant, but I was resting all of my weight on Lynne’s back now as I pumped myself in and out. I released her breasts and sought her nipples. Finding them, I squeezed them roughly and pulled them a little and then cupped her breasts again.

“Fuck this” I thought and decided to just go for it. I straightened up, grabbed her waist again and picked up the pace. The furious tempo of our coupling was making Lynne’s breasts jiggle crazily. I could see them swinging out to the side. I really wanted to climax now; I wasn’t interested in making it last anymore. I just wanted to come. Long steady strokes, pulling that narrow waist towards my, feeling myself against the smoothness of Lynne’s buttocks, I deliberately drew myself closer and closer to the edge.

When I came, I screwed my face up and climaxed so hard I sobbed. I felt that I had become a part Lynne, I was so deep. We collapsed on our sides, still coupled and I held one of her breasts as I kissed her neck.

“Hold on you, that’s what started all this” she admonished.