Sexy Housewarming

Summer came, and with it a new tenant next door. Lynne moved in to the house next to where I was renting, so I wasted no time in introducing myself. I invited her out for a drink to help her settle in, even though it was only midweek. She said yes, so we strolled to a local pub that was within walking distance.

Lynne was a good looking woman, of Caribbean descent, average height, with a pretty heart shaped face and she wore her hair up. This evening, she was wearing a pair of faded jeans that were tight over her thighs, and that flaired out a little at her ankles. A thin, flower patterned blouse covered an impressive bust that stood proudly in front of her. Her slimness accentuated the prominence of her large bosom. It was one of the first things I noticed about her. That, and her charm. She was intelligent, saw humour everywhere, and her laughter reminded me of diamonds tinkling into a porcelain dish.

As we walked to the pub, I noticed Lynne’s graceful movement as she walked. She was almost feline. Her easy manner made me feel comfortable.

At the pub, we got on surprisingly well and had maybe three or four drinks. The conversation was lighthearted and we laughed a lot. When we walked home together, I really thought that we would see each other again. I mean, she seemed to like me and I certainly did like her. Thoughts of seeing her again at the weekend, or at the latest next week drifted through my mind.

The awkward moment came when we reached her front door and I wondered what to say. Should I ask if I could see her newly purchased pad? Offer to help with decorating (not that evening!)? My internal dialogue was interrupted by asking if I wanted a coffee. Of course I said yes, but instead of inviting me in, she asked me to wait on the step while she went inside and made it. Oh my god. Does she have a man up there already? Or a girlfriend?

Sitting on the step, laughing and joking with Lynne, my worries were forgotten. She’s really nice, I mused. I decided that it was time for … at least something. Brazenly, I leant over and placed the most delicate of kisses on her taut, chocolate coloured neck. She smelt of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Meeting no resistance, I left a line of soft kisses from her bare shoulder up to a point just behind her ear. To me, necks are a thing of beauty, and I enjoyed my leisurely journey up Lynne’s.

She shuddered a little and gave me a sidelong glance. “You don’t waste any time!” she exclaimed. She said it good naturedly, so I knew I wasn’t being told off. “Can’t let a beautiful neck like this go to waste”, I replied, trying to be witty. Agonising over whether I’d just sounded stupid, I leant over again and resumed my soft kisses.

“Come inside”, she said abruptly. Heart racing, I followed her in. She put some subdued music on and went to refill my cup with another coffee. As she moved around the room, I watched her feline grace, and also appreciated the bounce under her blouse.

When she returned with the coffee, we sat next to each other on her settee. Taking a gamble, I ignored my coffee and intended to carry on where I’d left off. I put my arm around her and tilted my head to kiss her gently on the mouth. Her lips were big and soft and they opened readily as we kissed. With my arms around her, I began to feel how firm and muscular she was while we were kissing. Probably works out, I thought.

I was dying to get my hands on her breasts, but I was wary of just presumptuously groping her so soon. That wouldn’t end well.  Instead, I took my time and really started getting aroused by our kissing. Just enjoy the journey I urged myself, though it was hard not to race ahead. I returned to her neck, as I knew she liked that, and started kissing it again. I grazed my teeth softly along the length of her neck and then ran my tongue along it. She shivered a little. Along with necks, I’ve always had a thing about ears, and just at that moment, nibbling on Lynne’s ears was turning me on immensely. Surreptitiously I felt her breasts pushing against the forearm that was holding her. The thought that my hand was only a short distance from my mischievous forearm tortured me; I wanted so much to take her breast in my eager hand.

Pretending I didn’t care about her breasts in the slightest, I stroked her legs through her jeans. After kissing some more, I thought I’d waited long enough. Surely it wouldn’t seem like I was rushing things if I lightly stroked one boob now. And, tentatively, I did. I was stunned by its size. It was the biggest boob I’d ever stroked. Lynne moaned a little into my mouth, which I took to be a good sign. God, she’s moaning in my mouth, I thought enraptured. My heart was thudding in my chest.

The next thing I needed to avoid rushing was unbuttoning her blouse. You just can’t hurry these things. It would appear like I was desperate, or out of control. I continued stroking her tit through her blouse and could soon feel a little hard spot where her nipple was. I focused on that for a while, just drawing circles around it with my index finger, feeling it stiffen ever so slightly, and then running my finger over it. Forgetting her nipple for the moment, I grabbed a handful of her boob, I squeezed it and pushed it around, measuring its weight and size. She seemed to be pushing her chest into me while I massaged it.

All the time, I was aware of a growing tightness in my jeans.

After what seemed like an eternity, I chanced my luck. My fingers found the buttons on her blouse and I cautiously started undoing them with one hand. I was trying to stop myself shaking with the anticipation of finally seeing her tits. Whatever you do, don’t fumble the buttons. The anticlimax of having to stop and use both hands will ruin everything. The blouse was open! I slid my hand over her brassiered boob. The contrast between her dark flesh of her breast and the white laciness of her bra was sexy as hell and I fought the urge to just stare. The bra was a tight fit and it pushed its contents upwards, as her tits threatened to spill out. There was only one layer of fabric now separating me from those glorious breasts, and I massaged them through it. Her nipple was well and truly hard now, and I could feel it trying to poke its way through the fabric. I playfully squeezed it, rubbed it, scraped it, left it to massage the rest of her breast and then returned to it.

All the time I was kissing her, Lynne was letting out sexy moans into my mouth. I felt an aching longing to merge my body into hers, to be enveloped by her flesh, to be part of her.

I had to get those tits out, so I reached around her with both arms and unhooked her bra deftly. Drawing the bra away from her I dropped it, and her blouse, on the floor and tried not to gawp too much at the sexy sight of her boobs. I cupped one of her boobs in my hand, the nipple, now erect, poking obscenely between my fingers. That could do with a good suck, I thought to myself and clamped my mouth over it. As I sucked, I could feel it hardening even more. Grazing my teeth along its length, Lynne contorted beneath me. I felt the nipple’s little wrinkles under my tongue as I sucked. I don’t know about the other one, but this boob was fabulous!

With reluctance, I abandoned her boob to find the buttons on her jeans. I’d had so many green lights by now, I was gaining confidence. Surely I wouldn’t seem arrogant to venture further. Pop, the buttons on her jeans were open. I slid my hand down, between her jeans and her knickers and felt her sex through her knickers. She was sopping wet down there. It felt delightful. No sense in dithering on the outside if she’s so wet! With Lynne’s eager help we got jeans and knickers off and my hand found her wetness again, this time unimpeded by cloth. My middle finger found the slippery opening of her crack and I slid it up and over her clitoris, without going in. I was surprised at the size of her clit. It was huge! Sexy though. My finger slipped over and over that clit, rubbing it this way and that, and then found her entrance again. I pushed two fingers inside a little, then a little more. Slowly, slowly, I went, watching her reactions, trying to find what drove her wild. Lynne opened her legs wider and thrust her sex at me. My fingers were in as far as they would go and I tried to find her g-spot. It was so wet in there! As I levered my fingers upwards, Lynne gasped and clutched at my arm so hard I thought I’d hurt her. As I was withdrawing my fingers, she stopped me, grabbed my hand and reinserted my fingers herself. She pulled them out and stick them in again, using my fingers as a dildo.

Her tongue was in my mouth as she dildoed herself slowly with my dripping fingers. Suddenly, she gripped my hand tightly and pushed my fingers in as far as they would go, raising her hips to create a better angle. I hooked my fingers around her pubic bone and as Lynne tilted her hips downwards now, I felt the pressure between fingers and bone increase. She held herself there, motionless, for an age before shuddering violently. Pulling away from my kiss abruptly, she let out a ragged gasp. “Ahhh, thanks”, she sighed, lying there like a contented kitten.

I cuddled her there for a while, conscious of my now rigid member. She must have read my mind because she said, “Oh, what about poor you?”

Find out in the next episode how she fucked me senseless.