Sofa Session 1

Mel was a computer programmer I’d met on a course. I didn’t know her very well as I’d only seen her every Tuesday evening for the last seven weeks on the course, but she had agreed to come around for a coffee.

To tell the truth, I thought she was a bit weird. Her abruptness was shocking sometimes, and she always got to the point quickly. But, like I say, I didn’t know her too well, and despite her brashness I thought she might be interesting, maybe even fun. She was much younger than me and she used a lot of street slang I’d not heard of before. For all her street slang, she had few social skills.

On the physical side, she had brown hair that was short enough to give her a boyish look, a pale complexion and wide sensuous lips. To be as abrupt as Mel liked to be, she also had wide hips, and a big bum. There, I said it.

Mugs of coffee in our hands, we sat on the step of my back door, chatting and looking at my unruly back garden. It was a nervous dialogue. There was no laughter, and I imagined us to be like chalk and cheese. I left her, with relief, to go to the toilet. The conversation was taxing. When I came back, she was stood up inside my kitchen, but still looking out into the garden, so she had her back to me.

Not one to be put off by a stilted conversation, I came up behind her and put my arms around her, so I was cuddling her from behind, and I gave her a little kiss on her ear. This was exhilarating for me, as we’d exchanged only a few words before today, and I had no idea how she’d react to my advances. My heart was racing. She held my arms to her, reassuring me that I hadn’t overstepped the mark.

I was curious now about just how far she would let me go. I turned her around, put my arms around her again and gave her a long kiss, light at first, but then deeper. When I came up for air, I stood there and just hugged her to me. Her kisses were a little clumsy and I immediately invented a story about her in my head: she was highly inexperienced with men, though she did like them, and had not had many sexual partners. Embarrassed about her inexperience and clumsiness, she was glad to have a comforting hug after our kisses. Those were the conclusions I jumped too, anyway.

“Where’s this porn, then?” she asked out of the blue. This flummoxed me at first, but then I remembered I’d mentioned something about my porn collection when I’d made an ill fated attempt at flirting with her in class. Not so ill fated, I now realised.

This was embarrassing. I’d watched porn with other people only rarely in the past, and I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of watching some now with someone who was virtually a stranger. And with whom I wasn’t yet fully relaxed. Putting me on the spot like that, I felt I couldn’t say no. Also, I’m always up for a challenge, and not one to back down. This girl wanted to watch some porn with me; it was An Opportunity. “We shall consider this homework”, I quipped and led her in to my living room, picked a DVD out of the cabinet the TV was on and put it in the player. Hiding my nervousness, I pressed play, and dragged Mel down to lie next to me on the sofa. It was a large, wide sofa and allowed us to lie next to each other comfortably, while we watched the scene begin on the TV.

I say “scene”, but there was no story and no plot. Just some guy who’d hired a pornstar to make a POV (Point Of View) video with him. It wasn’t the best movie I owned, but Mel had put me under pressure and I’d snatched the first one that came to hand.

There was a big preamble in this movie, and absolutely nothing to be gained from enduring it, so I fast forwarded to the good bits. When we got there, the action was graphic, the girl beautiful and skilled. There was a certain erotic quality to the scene in my own living room, too. Lying next to a young woman I hardly knew, who was evidently up for having at least some degree of intimacy with me, watching a hardcore porn movie, I couldn’t help but get turned on.

There was now a dilemma. Were we watching a porn movie, or were we supposed to be having sex? Or was the movie the foreplay before we were to have sex? If the movie was the foreplay, how long was I supposed to wait before I made a move on Mel? It wasn’t as if I knew anything but the scantest details about her, so I had no idea what she liked, what she wanted, and how she would respond to anything I did. Guessing that her inexperience would prevent her from taking the initiative with me, I decided to let her watch some more of the movie and hope that it would turn her on.

The guy in the movie was receiving a vigorous and noisy blowjob from the woman. She was cupping his balls and taking him as far down her throat as was humanly possible. Her throat made loud slopping noises each time it swallowed his erection. This was a great instructional video for Mel, and hoped it would give her some ideas. “Oh yes, Mel, all blowjobs are supposed to be as deep as this!” I imagined tutoring her

While she was watching the movie, I stroked her leg. She continued to watch as I kissed her neck softly, and rubbed her thighs through her jeans. The girl in the movie licked the guy’s cock up and down, like it was an ice cream. There was saliva everywhere. As she took his penis deep into her mouth, I slid my hand over Mel’s crotch and pressed down. Mel pushed her groin upwards against my hand, so I started rubbing it through the denim.

She turned her face to me, and I kissed her on the lips again, my hand pressing hard into her denim. My tongue was darting around the inside of her mouth and she was pushing her whole body into me. Leaving her crotch, I put my hand underneath her t shirt, skidded over the cool skin of her stomach and felt her tits over her bra. I could feel hard nipples at the apex of pert little breasts. Not wanting to rush things, I dithered around her nipples for a while before pushing her bra up and off her breasts. Seeking those hard little nipples, I flicked my fingers over them and squeezed them a little between thumb and forefinger.

I knew that Mel wouldn’t touch me herself, so I understood that I would have to take the lead in everything. Without further ado, I sat her up and pulled off first her t shirt, and then her bra. She lifted her arms to help me. Next came the jeans, but I left her knickers on. Mel doesn’t have the kind of body that would usually turn me on, but at that moment I couldn’t have been more aroused. There she was, now lying down on my sofa, tiny knickers covering a hairy vagina at the top of chunky, shapely thighs. Tiny tits with erect nipples pointing out stared at me and I stared back lasciviously.

I took my own clothes off, lay down next to Mel and started caressing her bare legs. First my hands went down the front of one thigh, then its inside, slowly, all the way to the top were it was most fleshy. I held a handful of flesh there, with my wrist pressing sneakily into her knickers. Although she had some puppy fat, her thighs were quite firm. As I squeezed the inside of her thigh, I pressed my wrist harder into her knickers. Placing my hand on the front of her knickers, I could feel her curly pubic hair through the fabric, and I cupped her mound. For some reason I noticed that her knickers were a little loose around the front and I planned to slip my fingers inside them from the side when the time came. My mouth was at her ear, but I didn’t kiss it; I just breathed into it while I stroked her through her knickers. I could feel the contour of her vaginal lips, and I traced them lightly with my fingers.

All the time, she was strangely silent.

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