Sofa Session 2

Although I hardly knew Mel, she had suggested that we watch a porn movie.

Things had progressed nicely, and I was lying naked on the sofa next to Mel, while the porn movie played on the TV. She was naked too, apart from her knickers, and she had her legs apart while my hand cupped her mound. Through her knickers I could feel the vague contour of vaginal lips beneath pubic hair, and I rubbed my fingers gently up and down.

She started moving against my hand and I traced my middle finger around the edge of her knickers, as if I was marking out a triangle. Drawing my finger up one side of her groin, I crossed below her navel, and then slid down the other side of her groin. As I made my way along the perimeter of that triangular piece of cloth, she kept moving her hips to try and intercept my hand with her vagina. She wanted me inside her knickers, so I slipped my fingers under the side and found her hairy lips, now moist. I played around at her entrance, making her hope that I was going in, and then bit her neck, kissed her ear – but didn’t go in. Making circular movements with my first and second fingers around her wet hole, she pushed against my hand, trying to coax my fingers inside. Ignoring her wishes, I ran a finger lightly up her crack, staying outside, and then ran it down again.

I slid my middle finger inside, feeling her slipperiness. I was astonished to discover how tight she was down there. I took my finger out again immediately, denying her (and me) the pleasure. She groaned at the loss. Whilst my finger was inside, it had been gripped so tightly by her vaginal walls that I wondered whether she was still a virgin.

That puzzle would have to wait, as I focused again on the ripe young body contorting next to mine on the sofa. I decided to enjoy the tightness of her cunt again and slipped my finger inside. While my finger was trapped inside its hot little cocoon, I leant over to kiss her tiny tits all over, and then bit a hard nipple playfully, before taking it into my mouth and sucking it.

This was it. There was no sense in waiting now. She hadn’t touched my now erect penis at all so far, but I wasn’t interested in that, or the sloppy blowjob I’d been hoping for earlier. All I wanted to do was to take my finger out of her tight little tunnel and replace it with my stiff cock. I imagined how good that was going to feel and became more excited. My erection was far bigger than my finger, so God knows how I was going to get it inside Mel. Its veins were bulging out frighteningly in anticipation. I also wondered how long I’d last inside something so tight.

I tugged Mel’s knickers down, found a condom I’d hidden under the sofa and put it on deftly before laying down between her thighs. My heart was hammering inside my chest as I took hold of my erection and brought it towards her. Using the same fingers I was holding myself with, I could also explore her hot, wet flesh to help guide me. I first touched the hardness inside the rubber, and then the hot wetness of Mel’s sex, and then drew them together. However, pushing forwards, my hardness met what felt like an impenetrable wall. I’d found the entrance, I knew this was the place, it was just a struggle to get it in. The thought of how tight she was nearly made me climax there and then. My pulse was racing like mad and my cock felt a worrying tingle so I paused, my head nuzzling at the opening, trying not to come too soon. I kissed Mel while I recovered myself, and then I was pushing my insistent cock against her again. Suddenly I felt her give a little, and then my cock was intruding a mere inch inside. It felt like its head was being gripped by a vice, but it was a glorious pleasure. Mel was silent, her hands clutching my back.

I inched myself further inside, revelling in the exquisite feelings my cock was enjoying. It was half in now, but I reversed direction and pulled out a few inches before going in again.

Sliding my hands underneath Mel’s big buttocks, I gripped them tightly and used all the self-control I possessed to ease in as slowly as I could. Every millimetre of the journey was shear ecstasy. Now fully in, I still pressed harder and heard a gasp.

The size of Mel’s bum was turning me on in a bizarre way. It was big but it was surprisingly firm. With my hands so far down the sofa, I could only rest my face in a cushion next to her head, but this allowed me to become completely immersed in what I was feeling below. I was moving really slowly now, savouring every sensation as her tight cunt wrapped itself hotly around me. This was bliss.

Because her bum was so big, it seemed to raise her sex to precisely the right level for me to penetrate her. I’d forgotten the pleasures of a big bottomed girl.

Letting go of her bum, I rested on my elbows and kissed her gently, fucking her slowly. I’d never dreamed that something as simple as the missionary position could give me so much pleasure.

Putting my arms underneath Mel’s legs I levered them up into the air to penetrate her more deeply. I withdrew slowly so that my engorged member was completely out and then prodded at her entrance again just a couple of times before sinking myself as deeply as I could go. Once fully in, I left it there and imagined my penis head swelling even more, expanding her walls further. Slowly withdrawing again, I repeated the whole manoeuvre so that I was completely out and poking at her lips.

I couldn’t help myself. While I was fully withdrawn I reached down and felt my cock; it was as hard as it had ever been before, and I rubbed it slowly up and down her wet slit. If it’s good enough for pornstars, it’s good enough for me! God, I was enjoying this.

She knew the routine now, and when I slid in again she grabbed my buttocks to pull me in forcefully. Resisting her pull, I slid in unbearably slowly until I was as deep as I could be, and even then I strained to go deeper. Surely I could get more depth if I turned myself a few degrees this way, and then that.

To spice things up, I gave Mel a couple of short, sharp thrusts that made a quick slapping sound and she gasped at the shock, legs waving in the air. Then I went back to slow, languorous strokes. She had other ideas though, as she gripped my buttocks and urged me to go faster.

Releasing her legs, I brought my hands up to either side of her face and held it gently, feeling her soft hair as I kissed her again. All the time, I didn’t let up my movements, loving the feel of my cock in her tightness.

It was hard to resist the urgency in Mel’s hands as she pulled my buttocks to her, and now I decided to go with it. Building up speed, ever so slowly, I withdrew slowly, almost completely, before thrusting powerfully but slowly. The rhythm was seductive and I sped up little by little with each thrust. Her tightness, and its feel on my cock was uppermost in my mind (I could think of nothing else) as our rhythm increased its tempo. I was kissing her deeply now as we slapped together noisily.

I don’t often make a racket when I climax, but I made an exception on the sofa. My whole world was focused on the length of my member as it exploded inside Mel with a force that took me by surprise. I panted and grunted into Mel’s mouth as I bucked uncontrollably, my tongue writhing feverishly around Mel’s mouth, searching for something it was desperate to find.