Sexy Housewarming 2

Lynne had just used me as a human dildo.

Completely naked, she got up and went over to a wooden contraption in the corner, breasts jiggling as she went. When she had unfolded it, it transformed into a futon. I should have offered to help, but I was too busy enjoying the indescribably erotic scene playing out before my eyes. As she bent down to fiddle with the sofa bed, her heavy boobs hung down and swayed this way and that, competing for my attention with her the sight of her curvy bum.

While she wasn’t looking, I rubbed the stiffness in my trousers, and it felt divine. She looked across at me and I quickly pretended to scratch the top of my leg, guiltily. She gave me a coy smile and beckoned me to come over. Continue reading Sexy Housewarming 2