Drunk Fuck – 2

Sex While Drunk

I was almost fucking a drunk woman.

My mounting passion didn’t allow me to contemplate the answer as I greedily devoured her other nipple and ran my tongue around its hardening length.

With a sudden decisiveness I removed the shorts that were restraining me and returned to Melanie’s tits. The free breeze on my nether regions led me to new levels of stiffness. Now my unimpeded cock threatened to bore a hole in the side of her cheek. Oh, so close to her mouth… The temptation was too much to resist. Taking my hardness in my hand, I changed my position and tilted Melanie’s head to the side. Her lips were now a breath away from the tip of my penis and I brought them closer together.

Brushing her lips with my cock, I wondered how this was going to work, but as in a dream, her lips parted. Seeing my goal, I gently eased myself inside her mouth. The blazing sun on my back was hot, but it was no match for the heat of Melanie’s mouth. Not wanting to cause her to gag, I just left my cock there, unmoving, and enjoyed the feeling of my head swelling almost to bursting point.

Satisfying though this was, I thought I would explore Melanie to the full while she was still unconscious.

I gently withdrew myself and, casting a cautious glance around and finding the beach still deserted, I made for the direction of Melanie’s legs.

Her legs were stretched out but I was able to dig her feet in the sand nearer her bum, so that when gravity played its part her knees splayed wide. The perfect position for cunnilingus. And missionary sex. Kneeling down in front of her crotch I pulled aside the white material of her cozzy to reveal two brown lips, shorn of any hair. I moved my head closer, all the while taking care not to dip my erection in the sand, and stretched those lips apart. Moist pinkness was revealed, which I had to taste.

It wasn’t only Melanie’s tits that were big. She was blessed with a surprisingly large clitoris, the size of which startled me once I’d taken it into my mouth. I ran my tongue around while I sucked it gently, marvelling at its size and shape.

Fingers probed while tongue intruded, and Melanie became wetter and wetter. Although I could easily have stayed down there for another half hour, I had other urges I needed to satisfy.

I drew back and looked up at Melanie’s serene and sleeping face. She was still dead to the world. Moving up so that my face was above hers, I kissed her lightly on her lips. I was poised between her splayed legs now, with an engorged member pointing straight at her freshly moistened sex. I inched myself closer and could feel my glans resting against her moistness.

We were cheek to cheek as I reached down and guided myself in. That heat again. This woman was a furnace!

Easing myself slowly in, I savoured every luscious millimetre. With every millimetre more I entered, her vagina seemed to grip and hold me there. Retreat was not an option; the only way was forward.

When I was fully inside her, I looked down at Melanie’s untroubled face and doubted my ability to remain gentle. I withdrew… just a little … and moved my loins slowly forward again. Her body moved a little with the thrust and she murmured softly. I withdrew again, a little further this time and thrust, this time a little more forcefully.

It felt like my cock was in its own tight little wet glove. And it was an exquisite pleasure. In her drunken sleep, Melanie’s pussy was gripping my shaft with an intensity that shocked me.

Fucking A Drunk Girl

I thrust again, this time throwing caution to the wind. Once more I withdrew and thrust, and this time I meant it. Now I was fucking Melanie!

Just a few more thrusts and I was fucking her like an animal. Her body was being pushed further forward in the sand with every pounding thrust, and I could see those poor fettered breasts longing to be released. They moved as one beneath her tight, stretchy costume.

Putting all my weight on one hand I pulled down her top with the other to uncover two huge black boobs, lolling around on her ribcage. A few more frantic thrusts and my eyes feasted on the sight of her breasts jiggling and rolling around sexily.

I was torn; I tried to suck her tits while I was fucking her, but found I could do either one or the other but not both. Fuck! I contented myself with fucking the living daylights out of her while watching her breast roll about.

Melanie’s head fell to one side and she let out a long soft moan but didn’t awaken. Pounding away now, I watched her boobs swaying with the force and started to feel a climax building within me. When her muscles tightened around me, the feeling built even more.

Not wanting to leave any guilty traces of my actions, I had to make a decision quickly. I spent a few more seconds inside her beautiful hot vagina before hurriedly withdrawing, and then I staggered to the water’s edge, drunk with lust. There I jerked myself off wildly, with my back arched as spasms hit me powerfully and I climaxed. My cock spat hot gobbets of sperm into the water, yards away.