Two Dreamy Girls 1

Lyndsey and I had taken a couple of ecstasy pills each and gone to a dance club in Manchester. We had had a great time and had even made friends with another couple who were obviously on something themselves. I’m not normally the type to be so outgoing as to make friends with strangers and invite myself back to theirs for a drink, but Lyndsey is, and that’s what she did. Her flirtatiousness usually makes me jealous of the attention it provokes, but after a pill I was chilled out.

The four of us had taken a taxi back to our new friends’ house and we had had a relaxed and comfortable ride. They were called Sarah and Keith, and they had a very nice looking house. He worked down in London during the week and returned at weekends. His job had something to do with finance. I wondered about the nature of their relationship with him being away from home so much, and the ease with which they agreed to an after party nightcap.

Sarah was petite, like Lyndsey, but whereas Lyndsey had long blonde hair in tight ringlets, Sara had brown shoulder length hair. In my loved up state, all I really noticed were the physical aspects of Sarah. She was young and slim, and although she had an ample bust, she was no match for my Lyndsey on the buxom scale. I stopped staring at Sarah’s tits when Lyndsey repeated her question.

“Do you want a drink? They have lager, coke lemonade…”

I smiled widely and asked for a lager.

When we all had bottles of lager in our hands, Keith put some post club chill out music on. We started exchanging the usual meaningless banter that comes after a night in a club on pills, and, actually, I was having a great time. The ecstasy was still coursing through my veins, though I was now in its soft afterglow, as we were now in the small hours and it had been a good few hours since my last pill. The music was nice and chilled and the company was good looking and friendly.

From nowhere, a lit joint appeared and was passed round. The perfect accompaniment to my beer and my mashed up brain, I thought. When it was my turn I took a long drag on it and held it in. It was smooth and nice tasting, not the usual crap I get. We were dancing in the front room in a circle, passing the joint around and giggling like kids. When the joint was gone, we joined together in a group hug. It was boy, girl, boy, girl, and I was suddenly sensitised to the touch of the other bodies. We all pulled apart and danced back together for another group hug.

The combination of grass and mdma was probably addling my mind, but I could sense something sensuous in the way that we were all touching each other. Even the light touch of hand on hand felt electrifying. Was I imagining it? When we pulled apart again, we all danced our separate ways around the room, and I found my beer again.

Only then did I notice how subdued the lighting was in the room. There was a small lamp in the corner emitting soft, multi-coloured light and a few candles lit on tables and cabinets. Chuckling at not noticing the candles earlier, I went over to one and became transfixed by the way it shimmered and flickered. “It’s dancing like me”, I thought, and I sniggered. I was off my face, I realised. Still, the music was good, the beer tasted nice, and as I danced there in front of the candle I felt fantastic.

When I emerged from my trance, I found that Keith had disappeared. I caught a glimpse of him through a half closed door, watching TV in another room. He seemed happy enough. Sarah and Lyndsey were still in the room, holding hands and looking at each other as they danced slowly to the music. I watched them gazing into each other’s eyes as they swayed. Their faces were close and their arms came up to hold each other in a loose embrace. I could see their faces coming together slowly and when they were only inches apart they stopped. I thought they were going to kiss each other, but they just looked at each other, smiling.

Without a word, they both turned and left the room. I followed them to the door and saw them walking up the stairs, still hand in hand. Looking back I could see Keith watching TV, so I followed them up the stairs. They disappeared into a bedroom and I followed them in. I thought I was dreaming when they both climbed on the double bed. The light was as subdued in here as it was in the living room downstairs; there was another little lamp on a table, throwing out the same soft colours. The girls kneeled on the bed facing each other, just gazing and smiling. Their faces started moving closer again, almost imperceptibly, their heads tilted this time for what could only be a kiss.

Grasping the doorframe I watched as their lips met slowly, barely touching. The kiss lingered forever, it seemed, before they both lay down, still not speaking a word. Lyndsey’s hand rested motionless on Sarah’s stomach as they continued kissing. Sarah was wearing a short skirt and my heart started hammering when I saw Lyndsey’s hand make towards its hem. When her hand disappeared under Sarah’s skirt, my excitement rose and I tried desperately to think of a way to get involved.

They were kissing ever so gently, now with Sarah’s little skirt up around her waist so that Lyndsey could stroke the front of her knickers. It was such an erotic dreamlike vision, but in my drugged up state, I just accepted it. If I could manage to take part in this dream I would be more than happy!

Tart that she is, Lyndsey’s hand soon snaked inside Sarah’s knickers and I could see her hand moving in there, the fabric undulating. It was obvious what was going on because Sarah broke off from Lyndsey’s kisses and let out a sexy little sigh.

I was dying to join in so I got on the bed and lay on the other side of Sarah. While Lyndsey was kissing her I brushed Sarah’s ear with my lips. My lips traced their delicate way from her ear, across her cheek to her mouth, where Lyndsey was still kissing her. I kissed where their mouths met, and could feel Lyndsey’s tongue snaking in and out. I could see Lyndsey’s tongue in Sarah’s mouth and I put my tongue in there too.

Brazenly, I started unbuttoning Sarah’s blouse with one hand while we continued our threeway kiss. Blouse undone, I left it there, open, to reveal a good looking pair of brassiered breasts. They weren’t as big as Lyndsey’s, but they looked like a handful. I gave one a squeeze, found it nice and firm, and tugged her bra up to reveal it. Squeezing it so that its nipple was at the summit, I ran my tongue around it. I got the other breast out and squeezed them both together, slavering over bother of them. When I gripped them and pushed them together, their cleavage reminded me of a shapely pair of buttocks.

Looking down, I could see Lyndsey’s hand, still busy inside Sarah’s knickers. Sarah was moaning now, and gyrating her hips. My hand joined Lyndsey’s inside those knickers and I discovered that Sarah was sopping wet. I moved my fingers over Lyndsey’s, slippery in Sarah’s wetness, and slid a finger inside her twat as Lyndsey’s fingers withdrew. My fingers plunged in deeply as Lyndsey’s fingers danced over her clit.

Sarah just lie there, legs apart, writhing. I released the tit I had been sucking greedily and licked delicately around Sarah’s mouth, the mouth that Lyndsey was plundering with her tongue. Sensing some movement between us, I saw Sarah’s hand reaching between Lyndsey’s legs. Lyndsey lay back and let Sarah take control now, so I released my grip on her and watched what she did next.

What Sarah did next was lick Lyndsey’s fanny.