Two Dreamy Girls 2

My girlfriend, Lyndsey, had just seduced Sarah on the bed. Lyndsey now lay back on the bed as Sarah moved down to her feet. She kissed her bare legs from ankles up to her knees, leaving a glistening trail on Lyndsey’s skin. When she got to her knees, she unfastened her skirt, pulled it down and tossed it onto the floor. Unimpeded, she ran her tongue up the inside of Lyndsey’s thigh. Lyndsey had her neck craned so that she could see what Sarah was doing. I had a pretty good view myself, kneeling on the bed as I was.

Hands sliding underneath Lyndsey’s buttocks, Sarah cupped them as she dabbed her tongue on the front of her knickers. She had to remove one hand to pull the knickers to one side, and once she had, her tongue darted out and slithered slowly up from the bottom of Lyndsey’s crack to the top. The knickers were obviously in the way so she pulled them down and off, and resumed.

Sarah’s own skirt was still gathered up around her waist as she bent down between Lyndsey’s legs. With her thonged bum in the air like that, I couldn’t resist. I reached over and ran a hand over one of Sarah’s buttocks while she busied herself with Lyndsey. Her buttocks were like two white globes separated by the thin material that was her thong. I squeezed her buttock and then ran my hand down the back of her thigh while she knelt there, feeling the tightness of her muscles. Reaching the back of her knee, I started stroking back up her thigh to her buttock. When I got to her buttock, this time I took a chance and brushed the lips of her vagina through her thong. It never entered my head to worry about whether she would allow me to touch her like this, or whether she would protest. Drug fuelled confidence!

The fabric encased her pussy lips tightly, only thin cloth protecting her from my touch. She was still wet from Lyndsey’s dithering.

I could feel myself hardening, even in my post ecstasy dreamlike state. The grass we had all smoked earlier probably aided my arousal. After stroking both her buttocks with my hands, I tugged gently at the thong. Sarah didn’t move to stop me, so I pulled it down to her knees, her twat now millimetres from my face. I immediately forgot the thong and stuck my tongue into her twat, running my hands over the pertness of her bum. It wasn’t the most sophisticated of moves, I admit, but it turned me on. My face was buried there, between those heavenly buttocks, while she was doing whatever she was doing to Lyndsey. At the moment, I was focusing on Sarah’s bum, and my pleasure.

I gripped Sarah’s buttocks and drove my tongue in further. Her pussy was awash with juices; her own and my saliva, and my nose was firmly buried in her anus. She wiggled her bum as I strained my tongue further inside, wishing it was longer.

Bringing one hand down from her buttock and around her leg, I flicked my thumb over her clit, with my tongue squelching around her fanny. Side to side, my thumb slid over her clit, while I tongued her. She pressed herself back into my face.

The iron bar in my trousers was straining for release, but I ignored it and replaced my tongue in Sarah’s twat with two fingers, facing down. The walls of Sarah’s wet hole gripped my fingers tightly as I pushed them in and levered them downwards, keeping an insistent pressure. That must have hit the spot because she cried out, turned her head and looked behind her at me. I rubbed my fingers around the same spot and Sarah moaned and turned back to Lyndsey’s groin.

I was incredibly turned on now. Though Lyndsey was my girlfriend, here was a sexy little girl who’d just had her wet sex in my face, and who I was now fingering. She wanted it, there was no doubt. The fact that my girlfriend was receiving oral sex from this girl made it alright for me to fuck the girl. That was my befuddled reasoning, anyway, as I slipped my trousers and pants off. In any case, I felt quite sexy and mischievous, and had no care for the consequences of my next actions.

Before discarding the trousers I fished out a condom from the pocket.

I rubbed my hard cock against one of Sarah’s buttocks while I fumbled with the condom. It probably wasn’t as sexy for her as it was for me, but I was just enjoying the sensation of something, anything, rubbing my cock. My eyes were goggling a bit as I peered at the condom. Damn those drugs! I had just managed to rip open the condom wrapper, but before I could do anything with it, Sarah reached back behind her and gripped my erection. I knelt there motionless while she gave me a couple of slow strokes and then pulled me to her slit, condomless.

Throwing the redundant condom on the floor, I placed my hands gently on either side of Sarah’s buttocks and just followed her guidance as she brought me closer to her. Once there, she rubbed me up and down her entrance. The feeling was exquisite. My cock had barely been touched up to now, so the sensation of hot, wet vagina against my hardness was heaven.

When she released me, I pulled back my foreskin and started to slide into her hole. She felt as tight around my cock as she had around my fingers and I savoured the pleasure. Her head was motionless between Lyndsey’s legs, but as I slid inside she raised her head up and just looked past Lyndsey into the distance. I hoped it was the size of my shaft that had disrupted her! I’m sure it was. Her head returned to Lyndsey’s groin, and I could see that she had a hand up there as well. I guessed that she probably had a couple of fingers inside her. Whatever was going on up there, Lyndsey had her eyes shut and her back arched.

Withdrawing my penis so that only the head was left in, I slid in again, holding the sides of Sarah’s bum. After a few strokes, I got this perverse urge to finger Lyndsey while I was fucking Sarah. The way I was feeling, anything was fair game. I leant over Sarah’s back, and rested my weight with my hands on the bed. My hands were so close together on the bed that I felt Sarah’s narrow waist between my elbows, and this sent me wild with lust. I was right, Sarah did have a finger inside Lyndsey, and I slid my own in, with my hand facing up.

With two fingers inside her, rubbing in different directions, Lyndsey’s face contorted and her brow furrowed. She still had her eyes closed. Did she know that those fingers belonged to different people? Call me a pervert, but I enjoyed the feeling of my finger bumping Sarah’s inside my girlfriend’s twat. All the time I was sliding in and out of Sarah.

I tried, but I couldn’t think of a single thing I could have done to make the experience any more pleasurable. I left Lyndsey’s twat so that I could reach underneath Sarah and find her clit. My hand had to slide over her flat stomach first, the sexy bitch. Fucking a girl doggystyle while rubbing her clit is one of my favourite things. Doing this, I can surreptitiously feel my cock going in and out of her, which arouses me even further. I rubbed Sarah’s slick clit now whilst thrusting into her, and sneakily touched my cock as it went in and out. Sarah was pushing back now with every thrust. She still had a finger inside Lyndsey, but she seemed preoccupied.

With one hand rubbing Sarah’s clit, I cupped a breast with the other and continued to pump. If I’m going to come, I want to do it while I’m rubbing a clit with one hand and clutching a breast with the other.

I knew it was going to distract Sarah away from giving pleasure to Lyndsey, but selfishly I started thrusting harder. Sarah’s face came up away from Lyndsey again and I went harder. I was deep, and my climax came from nowhere. There was no build up, but suddenly I was at the point of no return. All I could do was go forward and give myself to it, so I held on to Sarah’s waist as I felt myself beginning to spurt. Another pump and I was jetting thick streams of spunk into Sarah. I had pushed myself as deeply as I could inside her and I just stayed there for a while, enjoying the dying pulsations of my cock and the sight of the two girls in front of me.